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Sunday, April 29, 2012


I feel so blessed to have these beautiful, amazing, ladies in my life. (in)RL was a beautiful experience. We didn't get to watch/listen to the webcasts yesterday because it was just too loud in the cafe we met in, but we had a lovely time just visiting. We are planning our own little (in)RL once the dvd comes out next month... a day at my house, in our jammies, watching the webcasts, digging deeper with the study guides, crafting, and enjoying yummy snacks... and I can't wait.

Today, I caught up on what I wasn't able to watch yesterday. This is what most of my Sunday looked like... (Hi, Amber!)

I really needed to hear beautiful words today, and I did in these webcasts. I am so thankful for (in)RL, and for the people over at incourage. I really don't want this weekend to end, but I know that I have the dvd's to look forward to. A day full of feet on the coffee table, sweet tea in mason jars, cupcakes, laughter, tears, and creating pretty things for everyone to take home when the day is done. A day of REAL LIFE. 

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