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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Reflecting on 2011, Looking Ahead to 2012.

Midnight marks the ending of one year, and the beginning of a new one. I'll be at home with the kiddos, wearing silly New Year's Eve hats and 2012 sunglasses, drinking sparkling grape juice and playing with sparklers. :)

A few of the ways I'm waving goodbye to 2011 and hello to 2012:

Linking to (in)courage and looking back on 2011: 20 Questions for a New Year's Eve Reflection. I've already begun a new journal, and this is the first entry.

Arming myself with the Word and gaining control of my thoughts, my emotions, and my physical health. I'm determined to start 2012 with a fresh outlook and a healthier lifestyle, and to teach my children to do the same. Reading the Bible dAiLy, as well as "Battlefield of the Mind" and "Look Great, Feel Great: 12 Keys to Enjoying a Healthy Life Now" by Joyce Meyer, and "Reshaping it All: Motivation for Physical and Spiritual Fitness" by Candace Cameron Bure.

CLEANING HOUSE! Physically AND Spiritually! January marks the beginning of a new year, what better time to begin clearing out the clutter and making room for new, beautiful things? Doing this with the help of Sarah Mae. I bought her eBook months ago and I think it's way past time to put it to good use! (If you've seen my house lately, you understand.)

Looking forward to (in)RL in April 2012! :)

Becoming a child sponsor for Amazima, and hopefully sponsoring a child through Compassion. Praying about these things and feeling confident that God will give me the ability to do so.

and... last, but certainly not least, praying for peace, comfort, happiness, love and joy for all of you in the new year!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Pink is my signature color...

Get (in)couraged, meet (in)RL, and get your verse on, too!

The amazing people over at (in)courage are sharing LOTS of Christmas cheer this year! Click here to head on over there and hopefully win some Christmas pretties! 12 days of giveaways (and 78 gifts to give away!) to celebrate the upcoming (in)RL "no need for packing or travel un-conference" and, of course, Christmas! The best part? Even though it's the 5th day of Christmas,   all 12 days of giveaways will remain open until they've sung their way through all twelve verses and 78 gifts! If you are just finding out about the giveaway fun, you can enter today, and go back and enter the giveaways for Days 1-4! 

Haven't heard about (in)RL? Mark your calendars for April 27 & 28, 2012, because you won't want to miss it! Click here for more information, and don't forget to register while you are there! Fun, friendship, fellowship, (and a t-shirt!) right here in the ArkLaTex, all for $10! (in)courage will even have a few free goodies for us! I will be posting details about the location closer to the date! Please visit our local meetup page and RSVP today! 

(in)courage and Wild Olive Tees are hosting another fun giveaway, open until Thursday December 8 at midnight EST. They are giving away 4 Wild Olive Tees, and trust me, you want to rock one of these gorgeous shirts! Get over there, enter to win, and "get your verse on!" 

Scenes from this morning...

... and things that make my heart happy. 

1.) My driveway... puddles and all. 2.) What winter should look like, but in Louisiana, often doesn't. I love days like this. 3.) The pretty red bird on my Christmas tree. 4.) Cold and rainy outside, snuggly warm inside. 5.) Starbucks... I live in the sticks, and you are far away from me now, but I will see you soon. :P (Thank God for Peppermint Mocha coffee creamer, the next best thing!)

What makes your heart happy today? 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

A lil' dash of Magnolia wisdom...

... when life hands you lemons, squeeze them into some sweet iced tea and thank GOD you were born a Southern girl! 

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." - Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)

Today, I am gonna get me a mason jar, fill it to the brim with sweet Luzianne iced tea, and squeeze the heck out of those lemons!