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Friday, May 18, 2012

Be still...

"Do you spend too much time running around and not enough time at home? You cannot grow spiritually, train your children properly or enjoy caring for your home if you are always on the run. Things do not have time to sink in if you are always on the go. Busyness makes us feel rattled, stressed and tired. Maybe it is time to cut back on the play dates, the extra curricular activities or the oodles of trips to the store." - an excerpt from this blog post at GMG. (Emphasis mine, not the author's.)

... wow. As I read these words, I wondered, when was the last time I posted on my blog? Didn't I say, in the last post I made, that I was going to update my list of gratitude everyday? Have I updated it since then? Ummm.... no. (shamefully hanging my head, here, friends.) I think maybe the Lord was speaking right to me this morning, through Jen's words, and telling me to slow down. To be still. In the past week, we have had Kindergarten graduation festivities, a school carnival, chaos at home... all busyness that has definitely made me feel rattled, stressed, tired, and completely unfocused. All the going, going, going and worrying over the small things made me forget for a moment to just. be. still. I need to be still to draw closer to God. As much as I see him in the beauty of His creation, all around me, everyday, I can't truly grow spiritually if "stuff" is always in the way. Putting all the "stuff" aside for a moment to thank him for everything he's blessed me with this week... 

#11. My sweet girl's graduation day - full of parties, friends, family, fun, and smiles... and okay, a few joyful tears, too. 
#12. beautiful, sunny weather for the kids to enjoy the carnival on Tuesday. 
#13. a hot cup of tea in the morning.
#14. GMG and the Proverbs 31 woman, for giving us something to aspire to this summer as we read the word together. 
#15. My sweet Brandi, for being a beautiful Christian woman, for having a giving heart and a sweet spirit. Thank you for going on this journey with me. 

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